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Mark Metcalf

Story by Kay Dahlke
Photography by Nathan Harrmann

mmagSome may know him as The Maestro on “Seinfeld,” others might remember him as “Animal House’s” Douglas Neidermeyer. Those with a hardy appetite, though, will recognize him as MARK METCALF, CO-OWNER OF LIBBY MONTANA BAR AND GRILL, 5616 W. Donges Bay Road, Mequon, and an enthusiastic supporter of the greater Milwaukee area.

“Truthfully, one of the best things about this area is that there are back yards, no fences and a great school system for my kid. I know “family values” has been overused, but midwestern values, good people, knowing my neighbors, living in a community,” are good values.

Metcalf shares his views of the movie industry, a medium he’s well qualified to critique. Although he’s probably best known for his role in “Animal House,” he has 27 films to his credit. “My favorite would be ‘Chilly Scenes of Winter.’ I acted in and produced that one.” Other favorites include “One Crazy Summer,” “Mr. North” and “The Stupids.” “That one got a bad release. It was a kids’ movie, but it was marketed to adults.\” He also directed “When It Comes Early and You’ve Still Got Most Of Your Hair,” “Bikini Bar” and “And The Wolf Finally Came.”

“That’s a tough one. It would have to be ‘Les Enfants du Paradise’ released in 1945. It’s a look at French life in 1941 before the Germans invaded.” Yes, it has subtitles. And if you feel like reading and have about three hours, “‘Farewell My Concubine,’ a great big epic made only as the Chinese can do it. It’s a Chinese opera that takes the viewer from 1924 through the cultural revolution.”

“Chump Change” is about a Milwaukee guy going to L.A. The semi-autobiographical movie chronicled native Milwaukeean Stephen Burrows’ experiences as he tried his hand at being a screenwriter. And there’s always ‘The Blues Brothers’ and the famous scene of ‘the bridge to nowhere,'” the Hoan Bridge.

A scene with Elaine. “Kissing her and getting to go to Tuscany – a back lot in Burbank.”

“Libby Montana, of course!” Best thing on the menu? Other than the pot pies, which are available on Saturday nights, I would have to say the ribs, which are available all the time.” Best soup? “They’re all good.”