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Steve Burrows : Writer Director Performer Producer

Steve Burrows is a comedic storyteller.

This multiple award-winning filmmaker has been entertaining audiences in film, television, commercials and theatre ever since his third grade teacher Mrs. Weber branded him a “class clown” and told him to sit his ass down and shut the hell up!

His original voice, coupled with his edgy, character-driven humor, has made his work a favorite around the world, where his range in comedy is as diverse as the locations of his shoots – Los Angeles, New York, London, Rome, Tokyo, Bangkok, South Africa and Milwaukee, Wisconsin to name a few.

Burrows is currently working on several feature film and television projects, including a comedy, a drama and a book. The award-winning, critically acclaimed HBO film Bleed Out is Burrows’ first feature documentary.

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Bleed Out

A film by Steve Burrows

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