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Press : AFI FEST 2000


October 19 – 26, 2000

american film instituteWORLD PREMIERE
USA   2000   89MIN   35MM COLOR

Director: Stephen D Burrows
Producer: Mary Anne Page
Screenwriter: Stephen D. Burrows
Director of Photography: Allen Baker
Production Designer: Naomi Slodki
Editors: Jeff Wolf, Popper Welch
Composer: Matt Cortsonis
Cast: Tim Matheson, Traci Elizabeth Lords, Jerry Stiller, Anne Meara, Fred Willard

steve burrows afi festYou may remember Milwaukee Steve (writer-director-actor Stephen Burrows) from that jock-itch commercial for Crotch Fresh. That was before Merv Griffin sued him for the not-so-flattering documentary he made about his time as a contestant on the WHEEL OF FORTUNE. Now-because his movie has been banned-he’s the hottest and funniest property in Hollywood. And instead of showing that movie, he’s showing this one, which is kind of about that one.

Disillusioned, Steve heads back to Wisconsin to see his mother, only to find that she is in Iceland looking for sex and his room has been rented out to a girl named Sam (Traci Elizabeth Lords).

Both a subtle study of disparate lifestyles and a hilarious expose of the unexplainable peculiarities of the Hollywood Machine, CHUMP CHANGE is warm, brutally honest and sidesplittingly funny. (M.K.)