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Steve Burrows : Commercials USA / UK

Below is a sampling of the award-winning commercials directed by
Steve Burrows from around the world.

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AccuServ - Paper Tray

"Paper Tray"

Texaco - You're It

"You're It"

Affinity - Mr. Smiley

"Mr. Smiley"

Florida Lottery - Tough Guy

Florida Lottery
"Tough Guy"

Coldwell Banker - Bob and Ronna

Coldwell Banker
"Bob and Ronna"

Subway - UK - First Date

Subway - UK
"First Date"

Irn Bru - Sandwich - MPEG

Irn Bru - UK

Circle K Summer Sweat

Circle K
"Summer Sweat"

DiGiorno - Wrong


Knorr Beef Tonight

Knorr - UK

Knorr Chickee

Knorr - UK

Knorr - Oh Dear

Knorr - UK
"Oh Dear"

Quaker State - Cement Mixer

Quaker State
"Cement Mixer"

Coors Light - Hear Me Now

Coors Light - UK
"Hear Me Now"

Bud Light - Telescope

Bud Light

Affinity - Super Self

"Super Self"

Batchelors - Cup A Soup - Myrtle

Batchelors - UK

DiGiorno - Boxer Boogie

"Boxer Boogie"

Budweiser - Hey Der

"Hey Der"

Budweiser - Hey Der

"Mr. Kang"

Commercial Montage

Crazy Ass Montage

Glass Nickel Pizza Anthology

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Steve Burrows - Commercials - Writer, Director, Performer